Cooperation with dedication and insight

At danlind, we take pride in tailoring our solutions to individual customer needs. In every phase of the process, our team of experts will contribute with competent and proactive advice. In this way, we ensure that our customers always feel in good hands, while efficiently working towards the desired result. We work closely with our customers, and are very open to individual requirements and needs, as we know the value of a unique product.

danlind offers

  • Products of a consistently high and competitive quality
  • Committed employees with a high degree of professionalism and interest in the market
  • Chemical expertise at a high international level
  • Individual, customised solutions
  • International market insight
  • High environmental performance and a clear green profile

Our customers have access to

  • Modern production facilities
  • Testing and laboratory facilities
  • Optimised supply chain

LEAN-optimised production and logistics

danlind’s production facilities comprise approx. 41,000 square metres at two Danish factories. Our set-up ensures a flexible and LEAN-optimised production. This is supported by modern logistics management with a high degree of focus on efficiency, sustainability and a high level of reliability of delivery. We produce to order and to stock for our customers according to the principle of just-in-time delivery. Each year, we send more than 1,000 different products onto the global market


different products a year are sent to the world market

The right solution

At danlind, we take considerable pride and interest in our work. Therefore, all relevant experts are involved in our dialogue with customers. In this way, we can identify our customer’s exact needs and find the right solution – be it a private label customer, contract manufacturer or a professional cleaning customer.

An international business partner

danlind has customers all over the world, and our international customer relations provide us with extensive and valuable insight into consumer behaviour, product categories and market trends spanning geographical and cultural boundaries. danlind is a proactive and curious company, which goes out of its way at all times to ensure that it is fully abreast of the latest international environmental and quality certifications.

Openness creates synergies

In danlind’s experience, openness develops both parties and enhances cooperation. We do not hesitate to engage in targeted and well-defined development projects with our customers. We plan and are keen to participate in workshops with a focus on mutual knowledge sharing and development. At danlind, we vouch 100 per cent for our products, and it is very important to us that our customers feel they are in safe hands. Therefore, we are completely open about how our products are developed and produced, and we are very happy for customers to visit our production and test facilities.

Customised packaging – ready for the shelves

Packaging is not just about good facing on the shelf. It also needs to take into account all the various logistical requirements and challenges as well as complying with environmental and safety requirements. We offer our expertise and guidance about all these aspects – from transport to safety and the environment. In this way, we ensure that all our packaging solutions comply with all relevant requirements.