Private Label

danlind has decades of experience as a manufacturer of private-label products at an international level. We are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality products tailored to specific markets. danlind supplies both mainstream and premium categories, including advanced and refined laundry and dishwashing products, as well as stain remover and descaling products.

Retail insight

With our detailed knowledge of retail chains worldwide, we are a valuable partner when it comes to launching products on new markets. At the same time, as possessing considerable market insight, we always focus on meeting the unique needs and requirements of our customers and welcome new challenges.

Flexible innovation

danlind works with experts within a variety of fields as well as having a network of recognised partners within testing and research. Together with these specialists, we help our customers to integrate quality and innovation into their product portfolios. For us, innovation is not just about complex processes involving a multitude of partners. Innovation is just as much about the little details that can generate a lot of value for our customers, such as adjusting the colour, fragrance or quantity.

Competent sounding board

The best results are often achieved through cooperation and bouncing ideas off each other, and at danlind we take pride in seeing our projects right through to completion. Therefore, we go to considerable lengths to encourage our customers to make use of our team of experts and consultants, who can contribute advice and act as a sounding board at all stages of the process.

Reliability of delivery

danlind’s supply chain is one of the most experienced in the industry, having provided a high level of professional service to all our customers since 1928. To increase both the quality and reliability of our supply chain, we are constantly striving to streamline business processes, ensure effective forecasting and key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring as well as full traceability. We know how important it is to receive the ordered quantities at the agreed time, which is why we always aim for reliability of delivery of 98 per cent or more. 


Reliability of delivery

Supply Chain Management

danlind’s supply chain management system ensures complete control of every single phase of the process, from the initial customer enquiry to final delivery. Providing a complete and up-to-date overview of the status of every single order, the system is the backbone, which guarantees reliability of delivery, ensuring the tools needed for optimised logistics, production, sales and delivery of our products.