Quality products with unique environmental profile

At danlind, we strive to give our customers the most effective, sustainable and cost-effective products possible. Therefore, our environmental and quality standards are extremely ambitious and based on years of systematic efforts in the quality and environmental areas – as clearly evidenced by our products. They are well-known and popular worldwide due to their high and uniform quality and strong environmental profile.


Chemistry with care and control

As a manufacturer of chemicals-based products, we are subject to strict Danish and European chemicals and environmental legislation. Within this area, danlind’s R&D department is staffed by the best experts. We are certified according to ISO 9001, and have been both ISO 14001 and EMAS-certified since 2001. Moreover, our products have obtained a large number of international and environmental labels, thereby meeting our customers’ needs. Quality control is one of our most important tasks, and fully integrated in our processes. It is therefore an integral part of each and every phase, and covers all employees. Monitoring includes the entire process – from checking raw materials on arrival to when the filled packaging leaves the factory.


If you have any questions about environmental issues, quality or certifications, please contact the Quality & Environment Department.

Products with the right environmental profile

danlind works with a wide range of environmental and quality certifications and labellings.

When creating new product formulations, we possess valuable experience at obtaining approvals from the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, the EU Ecolabel and the Ecocert label. This means that we can offer a product range to our customers, which can also include series for babies and products for sensitive skin. danlind is also used to identifying any new requirements, which must be met, if a customer wants a certification, which we do not already have. Most of our products are environmentally certified.

Environmental pioneer for four decades

danlind’s environmental efforts started as long ago as the 1980s. Back then, we started recycling the energy used in production – and it spread from there. We are constantly exploring new ways of making our production more sustainable, for the financial and environmental benefit of our customers. Among other things, we are devoting considerable efforts to reducing our energy and resource consumption. In fact, over the past ten years, danlind has reduced its total energy consumption by 29 per cent – and this work is continuing. For example, at our new extension in Hammel, energy consumption has been halved compared with the rest of our production.


Reduced energy consumption over the past decade 

Good working environment

At danlind, we give a high priority to our employees. We are targeted in our efforts to improve the physical and psychological working environment and regularly conduct workplace assessments (WPAs). This has resulted in an absence rate at both factories, which is below the national average for manufacturing enterprises.

Did you know...

that danlind discharges less wastewater from its production facility in Holstebro than fifteen ordinary households?

that with a whole truckload of dishwasher tablets from danlind you can start your dishwasher approx. 500,000 times?

that the white plume from our spray-drying facility in Holstebro is not fumes but water vapour from drying the washing powder?

danlind's certifications and labels

ISO 9001 = ISO 14001

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Environmental impact statements

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