Efficiency in every process

danlind is known worldwide for producing eco-friendly detergents and cleaning agents of a very high and uniform quality.


An international business partner 

danlind’s international partnerships have contributed to comprehensive and valuable insight into consumer behaviour, product categories and market trends spanning geographical and cultural boundaries. We are a proactive and curious company that takes pride in always being up to date with the latest international environmental and quality certification requirements.

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Multinational customers within all segments

Ambitious development partner

danlind acts as an ambitious development partner for its customers where know-how and innovation go hand in hand. We operate at a high professional level which matches the level of the external laboratories. danlind is able to draw on decades of experience of producing high-quality products, and cooperating with us always keeps you one step ahead of the game. 

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High environmental profile

danlind nurtures a deep and fundamental respect for the environment, and environmental concerns always have first priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that all production and product handling complies with international environmental requirements.

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