Liquid – concentrated and user-friendly

Liquid detergent is very popular, and the range of highly concentrated detergents is seeing very positive development in several markets. The product offers many advantages, for example in relation to handling, dosing and dissolvability. danlind has extensive expertise in the development and production of liquid products. We supply effective, concentrated multi-purpose products in the same high quality as our other products.

Customised product development

As with our other formats, we offer flexible and creative product development of liquid products. Due to growing demand for laundry detergents with antibacterial or deodorising properties, we now supply a liquid deodorising detergent for sports clothing. If a customer requires a special liquid product, we are happy to make a team of specialists available with strong competencies within chemistry, production and market insight.

Flexible production with the right environmental profile

danlind’s production of liquid products is efficient, reliable and extremely flexible with the option of fast product changes. Our production is subject to strict quality and environmental requirements in the mixing, bottling and packaging processes. Many of our formulations carry the EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Ecolabel. We also offer the possibility of producing perfume-free products, which can be approved by the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association.

Packaging in all sizes

We produce liquid products in packaging sizes from 0.5 litres to 1,000 litres, depending on customer needs and requirements.

Products, which danlind can produce in liquid format


Stain remover

Fabric conditioner


Toilet cleaner