Powder – effective cleaning power

At danlind we have directed our strategic focus at the production of powder for several purposes. We make a point of optimising the products through new knowledge and continual testing. Several of our formulations are perfume-free and approved by the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association and the EU Ecolabel. Our simple aim is to be the best supplier of detergent powder in the industry. 


High-tech production facilities

danlind’s powdered products are produced on high-tech spray-drying plant at our factory in Holstebro in western Jutland. The spray-drying plant ensures uniform composition throughout the entire production process and thus extremely good dosing accuracy and flow.

Uniform quality down to the last spoonful

danlind guarantees powder of the highest quality from the first to the last spoonful – and even after extensive transport and up to two years in the packaging. In addition to the production of standard powders, we possess extensive expertise in producing concentrated powder products, where small doses are used for each wash while still achieving good results.

State-of-the-art systems enable innovation

danlind’s production is based on state-of-the-art systems, LEAN-optimised processes, highly-trained employees and reliable suppliers. Like all of danlind’s other products, our ambition of making continuous product improvements also covers powders. Therefore, we have launched the development of the next generation of disinfecting and antibacterial detergents. They already exist in our current palette of products, but we simply want to be the best in the market.

We are expert manufacturers of

Laundry powder

traditional, concentrated, cold-wash and sensitive

Dishwasher and washing machine cleaners

Stain remover

oxi powder


  • Uniform high quality
  • Uniform structure
  • Dosing accuracy
  • Ecolabelled products
  • Good powder properties – e.g. the powder is free-flowing