Tablets – the market’s most impressive product

danlind is leading the way in developing tablets, and supplies products of an extraordinarily high quality – and, of course, with the right environmental profile. We supply tablets for many different purposes.

Most attractive tablets on the market

danlind produces 700 million quality tablets a year for both mainstream and premium segments. Our knowledge and production set-up is the result of long-standing experience. We supply tablets in one, two or three clearly differentiated colour layers. In other words, we supply the most attractive tablets on the market. In case of special requests regarding colour, perfume, weight or packaging, our specialists will step in with highly qualified advice.


With our latest expansion of production, we are once again increasing capacity and flexibility. This allows us to make quick production changes and use several packaging solutions.

Water-soluble shrink-wrap

danlind was one of the first on the market to introduce tablets wrapped in water-soluble shrink wrap, otherwise known as PVA foil. We are an experienced manufacturer of these practical tablets in an extremely high quality. We also supply tablets wrapped in other materials e.g. PP foil and metallised foil.



danlind is a market-leading manufacturer of tablets for


from standard to all-in-one (2-in-1) 



danlind is an experienced manufacturer of following tablets

Toilet cleaners

from one to three layers

Dishwasher and washing machine cleaners

Stain removers

for whites and coloureds

Drain cleaners

Advantages of multifunction all-in-one dishwasher tablets

  • Salt
  • Rinse aid
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel protection
  • Effective at low temperatures

  • Glass protection
  • Powerful enzyme formula
  • Perfume
  • Quick-drying
  • Silver protection

Advantages of micro tablets for dishwashers

  • Less packaging
  • Limited logistics costs
  • Fewer chemicals
  • User-friendly
  • Convenience
  • Total savings
  • Easy handling
  • Accurate dosing

Tablets in all sizes

danlind offers considerable flexibility with regard to tablet sizes: From 5.5 g to 42 g.

Boxes containing 6-100 tablets for the retail market, and 200-1,000 tablets for the professional market.