danlind in sharp profile

danlind is a Danish company with two factories in western Denmark. In 2017, danlind is incorporated into McBride, one of the world's largest private label manufacturers for detergents. Our core competence and main business area is the development of effective and eco-friendly washing and cleaning products in the form of powders, tablets and liquid detergents. Our company possesses in-depth market insight, modern production systems and is highly innovative. 


Multinational customers within all segments

danlind is known worldwide for producing detergents and cleaning agents of a very high and uniform quality. Our customers are multinational companies, supermarket chains and the professional sector.

Expert partner

When starting to work with a new customer, danlind always puts together a team of experts with the relevant competencies. Depending entirely on our customer’s exact needs, we assume the role of expert or business partner. The aim is always to boost the customer’s business by supplying the desired product in the highest possible quality within the agreed price range.

Nurturing innovation

With our network of recognised partners in the testing and research world as well as our own test laboratory, danlind is a strongly knowledge-based supplier. This knowledge we are happy to share – not just across the organisation, but also with our customers.