A challenging yet stimulating workplace

At danlind, we talk about our workplace as if it were a second family. Many people have been with the company for many years, and there is a low rate of absence due to illness among employees – we are committed to our work. For example, we always weigh up a customer’s wish for strong perfumes against the health and well-being of our employees.

An exciting workplace

danlind must be a safe, exciting and challenging workplace. Therefore, we take a structured approach to development, safety and health for all our employees. We do this by means of job rotation, development interviews and focusing on a good working environment.

"danlind exercises a lot of care in relation to its employees. As many people know, I suffered a fall in December 2012, and after almost three months returned to work where I was rehabilitated, and after two years I have managed to fight back to where I was. This has to be a good example of a company caring for its employees"

– Susanne Nielsen, Area Sales Manager

Meaningful working life

We believe that knowledge and training promote a meaningful working life. danlind therefore offers ongoing training and competency development for employees at all levels. Our ambition is to create a workplace where all employees thrive and develop, and it looks as though we are succeeding in this goal. danlind’s employees have been with the company for an average of more than ten years.

Jobs at danlind

We have the following types of positions:

  • Unskilled
  • Team leaders
  • Purchasers
  • Product developers
  • Sales managers
  • Accounting staff
  • Industrial operators
  • Project managers
  • Purchasing assistants
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Sales coordinators
  • IT support staff
  • Repair and maintenance staff
  • Transport and logistics employees
  • Warehouse staff
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Bookkeepers
  • Production planners

Recruitment process for salaried employees at danlind

danlind’s recruitment process generally comprises the following phases:

  • Job analysis
  • Advertising
  • Selection of candidates for interview
  • Behavior assessment (DISC)
  • First interview
  • Personality test (Big-5) and possibly an intelligence test (IST)
  • Second interview
  • Contact phase
  • Introductory phase


Job analysis

A recruitment process at danlind starts with a thorough job analysis, where we describe tasks, collegial relations and other factual matters. From this, we define, which competencies and qualifications our new employee needs, and we assess, which requirements are crucial, important and desirable. Moreover, we describe the desired behavioural profile.



The position is normally advertised on jobindex.dk, on this page and it also appears on our employees’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Selection of candidates

Send your application as quickly as possible. In assessing applications, we first look to see whether the candidate possesses the key competencies and qualifications required. If so, the candidate can be considered for an interview. If there are no candidates, who meet the decisive criteria, the job is readvertised. All applicants will receive an email confirming that we have received their application. Candidates who do not meet the key requirements will be informed in the first confirmation email.


First interview and DISC analysis

Three or four candidates are usually selected for the first interview. Prior to the interview, each candidate completes a DISC profile, which is used as a basis for talking about the behavioural aspects of the job. HR and the future employee’s immediate superior participate in the first interview.


Second interview and tests

One or two candidates are normally selected for the second interview, before which they complete a personality analysis and an intelligence test. We use the test results to talk about, for example, motivation, drive and robustness. The intelligence test measures verbal, numerical and spatial intelligence as well as learning abilities. At the second interview, we focus on whether danlind is the right match for the candidate – both professionally and personally. Then follows a contract phase.



During the introductory phase, we ensure that new employees visit all the different departments and meet the people they need to. We also ensure that they have the right expertise, so they have every opportunity to perform well. Follow-up interviews are held after one week, two weeks, one month, two months and three months. Here, our focus is on well-being, learning and results.

Unsolicited applications – salaried employees

If you send an unsolicited application, we will keep your CV on file for six months. If a position becomes vacant during this period, which matches your qualifications and wishes, we will contact you. However, at the same time, we recommend that you keep an eye on our job ads and submit an application if you see a job vacancy that interests you.

Send your application to our HR department

Application for hourly-paid work

If you want to apply for hourly-paid work with danlind, you should apply via the temporary employment and recruitment agency JKS A/S. Contact JKS to be registered in their database.

Visit the JKS database