Ongoing improvements since 1928

danlind was founded by Gustav Lind senior in 1928 under the name of Linds Kemiske Fabrikker. In the beginning, the factory was in rented premises in a backyard in Holstebro, and the production, which consisted primarily of soap, took place at night. The customer group then consisted of farmers, and the sale was made directly and exclusively to them. Up through the 70's and 80's, the company developed steadily within private label and contract manufacturing and is today Scandinavia's largest of its kind. In 2017, danlind is incorporated into McBride, one of the world's largest private label manufacturers for detergents.

Focus on R&D

Both Gustav Lind Sr. and Jr. understood the importance of investing in research and product development, and managed to benefit from the opportunities in both scientific and technological development. This early attention to scientific and market change has given danlind a strong commercial base. Focus on continuous improvement and high adaptability to the market are still some of our most important virtues. The result is, among other things, the world's first EU flower labeled detergent powder, coldwater detergent and detergent tablets in water-soluble foil. With the inclusion in McBride, danlind's development capacity is greater than ever before. Today we have technology centers in all essential areas of detergents.

From family to listed company

In 1961, at the age of 23, the founder's son, Gustav Lind, took over the management of the company. He continued until 2005, where Sales Director Henrik Aagaard became CEO. Gustav Lind has been Chairman of the Board in danlind until 2015. At the age of 79, Gustav Lind handed over the keys to Rik de Vos, CEO of McBride, listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2017. The choice of McBride as the new owner is based on the desire to leave the company to owner, who knows the market, but also itself is a production company.

Good working environment ensures stability

Today, danlind has two factories in Denmark and many dedicated employees. At danlind, we make a point of promoting a good working environment, and we continually offer our employees the opportunity to improve their skills through training and competence development. This has resulted in an extremely stable workforce characterised by a high level of job satisfaction, low absence due to illness and an average length of service of ten years. This underpins danlind’s position as a strong and stable player with a high degree of global market knowledge, a strong innovation environment and an efficient supply chain.

Environment on the agenda

Concern for the environment is deeply ingrained in our identity and mindset. danlind put the environment on the agenda as long ago as the 1980s, introducing energy optimisation through heat recovery and recirculation. Through various recycling processes, we have successfully reduced our wastewater discharge considerably in terms of both volumes and concentrations. At danlind, we want to continue to lead the way by implementing environmental improvements, both technological improvements and particularly product-related improvements.

Milestones in danlind’s history


danlind is sold to UK headquartered McBride. Together, we now have 4,300 employees with 19 manufacturing capabilities globally. At the same time, the danlind product program is expanding significantly, especially in liquid products.


The factory in Hammel near Aarhus is enlarged by 7,000 square metres to optimise inventories and logistics. The extension is a climate-friendly building, where total energy consumption is reduced by 50 per cent, compared with the rest of the production facilities.


danlind launches ECO-labelled laundry tablets.


danlind is the Danish company nominated for the EU’s European Business Awards for the Environment in the Products and Services category for developing a cold-water detergent.


danlind is quality-certified according to the British BRC Global Standards.


Linds Fabrikker A/S changes its name to danlind in connection with its 75th anniversary.


Linds Fabrikker A/S is awarded the EU’s EMAS award for successfully developing the world’s first detergent to carry the EU Ecolabel.


The company obtains ISO 14001 certification and is registered in EMAS (European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Linds Fabrikker A/S acquires the tablet manufacturer Cleantabs A/S, representing the addition of yet another strategically important business area for the company.


Linds Fabrikker A/S introduces liquid Ariel to the Danish market for the multinational Procter & Gamble group.


danlind is established as a sales company in which the name danlind appears.


The company expands with a production facility for spray-dried washing powder.


The company moves to newly built premises outside Holstebro.


Gustav Lind junior takes over the running of the business from his father.


Gustav Lind senior starts producing soap and establishes the company Linds Kemiske Fabrikker – Lind’s Chemical Factories.