Values work when they come from within

danlind’s values are rooted in our culture, where they have taken form and grown stronger through several generations of skilled employees. 

Business culture decides the framework

Our values are with us every day – at all levels and in all departments. They give us the freedom to act with agility, and define a framework for our conduct when meeting our customers and colleagues. 

Our values are part and parcel of our identity – and we want to be judged by them.

"We keep at it until the job is done"

– Torben Hedegaard Nielsen, Sales Manager

"As an employee, I feel part of a family"

– Hanne Steenholt, Area Sales Manager

"We are a danlind team working together to create shared value and success"

– Martin Petersen, Area Sales Manager

"We take care of our customers and are always at their disposal"

– Susanne Nielsen, Area Sales Manager

"We have our fingers on the pulse. We are constantly optimising our processes, and we are proactive. If we have a good idea for how to improve a customer’s business, we are always keen to share the idea with the customer and implement it"

– Lena Larsen, Project Manager